Thursday, 14 November 2013

FitPacks Foodie kitchen is NOW open

Indulge yourself with tantalizing Asian or Western flavors with our varieties offering at FitPacks Foodie kitchen totally guilt free as the meals are carefully crafted and prepared by a team of ACE certified Health Coach. 


Nasi Lemak with Chicken Satay     RM 6
- Malaysian all-time favourite. Same delicious goodness at much lower calories.

Tandoori Chicken     RM 6 
- Famous Masala spiced chicken. Served with toasted naan and yoghurt dip.

Tom Yam Beehoon     RM 6
- Stir fry brown rice vermicelli with chicken, egg and vegetables in Thai tomyam paste.

Nasi Goreng Sambal     RM 6
- Brown rice fried in spicy sambal sauce with egg and French beans. Comes with chicken satay.


Salmon Egg Sandwich     RM 8
- Premium Norwegian salmon. with egg mayo sandwiched in rolled oat bread.

Double Chicken Burger     RM 8
- Homemade lean chicken patties from scratch served on whole meal bun with sides of baked sweet potatoes wedges.

Cx2     RM 8
- Pan Fry Cajun marinated chicken served with mash sweet potatoes and greens.

Oat Chicken Meatloaf     RM 8 
- Famous American dish, tweaked for lower calories. Served with green and pan sealed herbs tomatoes.

Pasta Milano     RM 8 
- Whole wheat pasta with turkey ham, chili flakes, fresh white mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes tapenade.

Pita Pocket     RM 8
- Cayenne chicken with greens stuffed in homemade wholemeal pita pocket.Comes in a pair.

Please email your orders to or SMS 016-883 1161 / 014-246 3994 by 6pm for next day fitpacks meal with the following details :
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Menu :
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Order is deemed confirmed once email / SMS is sent.

For collection, please let us know your location and we will try our best to make it up to your convenience!